“New Year, New Me”? How To Stop Waiting For January 1st To Make Healthy Changes

The holiday season is upon us—a time of joy, celebration, and perhaps a little indulgence…right?  As the year draws to a close, many of us start contemplating our New Year’s resolutions, and so often they are centered around health and wellness. But why wait until the calendar flips to make positive changes?  At Rooted Holistic […]

Love Your Liver & Leave the Toxins Behind, Part 1

As we embark on a two-part series devoted to “Spring Cleaning” your body and the effect of toxins on your body’s functioning, we begin with the end in mind:  the effect of toxins on your liver. Often given short shrift compared to other vital organs (heart, brain, lungs, kidneys) this three (3) pound “superhero” plays […]


Breathing should be as natural as…living. Right?  After all, our breath is our life force. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your breathing much thought. . . even though it’s something you do 22,000 times a day! But it’s worth paying attention to, if only for a few minutes every day. The […]